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HeartMath class High School

Outline of a HeartMath Class – High School

2-2.5 hours

Powerpoint presentation plus Emwave biofeedback demonstration with volunteer, group practices and drawings, small and large group discussions

Materials: power point projector, paper, markers/crayons

1. What is heart-brain coherence?

2. Benefits of coherence

3. Heart-focused breathing (group practice)

                – Movement as warmup

                – Guided imagery

4. Importance of appreciation

5. What do you appreciate? (everyone draws pictures and shares in pairs)

6. Quick Coherence Technique: heart focus, heart breathing, heart feeling of appreciation (group practice) – with and without music

7. Volunteer will get Emwave biofeedback for heart rate variability (HRV), with display on screen or wall

                – How stress affects HRV (other students help stress the volunteer)

                – The “garden” game (Emwave), all practice coherence together

8. Discussion

9. Heart insights

– Story of Gabriel, a student from Costa Rica with a behavior problem

– Divide a piece of paper in half, draw a picture of a problem you want an answer to

– All practice Quick Coherence Technique and then draw a picture of the insight on the other half sheet

– Discuss in small groups

10. Large group discussion and wrap-up