Do you feel frustrated in your attempts to reach resolution of a conflict? Whether it is between spouses, ex-partners sharing child custody, business partners, or neighbors, conflicts arise and can require skilled guidance by a compassionate, neutral third party.

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HeartSpeak brings a compassionate and empathic dimension to help people in conflict to understand one another’s feelings and needs, and move toward resolution. Respect and safety are necessary conditions for conflict resolution.

The core of HeartSpeak mediation is that each person involved will take turns listening to the other’s feelings and needs, and reflect them back so that the other feels heard and understood.  When these needs are heard, compassion may naturally arise and mutually acceptable solutions are more likely to emerge.

A typical mediation requires an introductory meeting or phone call with each of the parties involved, followed by a meeting which lasts a minimum of two hours. A written summary of requests and agreements will be given each participant.

Please contact Cathy: or 828-545-9681.