Holistic Health Testimonials

Sherry Vaughan (Asheville):

“Cathy Holt shines a bright light from deep inside herself to nurture and heal those she comes in contact with and our precious earth.

She is knowledgeable in so many areas that bring wellbeing, from her work and teaching in compassionate communication and HeartMath to her work in biofeedback to nutritional and holistic healing.

I have had the blessing of enhanced relaxation and visions of healing as she prepared me for delicate eye surgery. She guided me to feel a warm pink blanket of love and healing all around me as I went into eye surgery that day. In subsequent surgeries I have carried the calmness of Cathy’s guided imagery into those stressful experiences as well.

Recently, Cathy has been helping me heal areas of my lower legs which have chronic mottling, often itchy and generating a lot of heat. She suggested I bring the temperature down with cool cloths and elevation, and suggestions for dietary changes. I follow her guidance regularly now and have found that troubled part of my body more comfortable.

My spirit is nourished by her resonant open heart…Her visual imagery lifted me up to another plane of safety and comfort…My whole being flows lighter, easier.  I wholeheartedly recommend bringing Cathy into your healing experience.”

DL (Asheville):

“I went to see Cathy because she was recommended by a good friend. My doctor had told me that HeartMath could not help my chronic, 24/7 atrial fibrillation, but I just wanted to check it out. Cathy observed my rapid breathing pattern and reassured me that we could begin by simply working with breath. After just two sessions focused on breathing, I was amazed that my atrial fibrillation went away! Although it may have been due to the medication I was taking, I think the breathing practices contributed by lessening my anxiety. We went on to HeartMath with biofeedback, which has also been very helpful in managing stress. Now I’m exploring the Connection Practice, naming feelings and needs, and gaining insights. Each session with Cathy leaves me feeling deeply relaxed, grounded, and revitalized.”

Gail Waldeck (Asheville):

“I had been in a lot of pain after a fall that injured my left shoulder. Over a period of a week, Cathy did several things: Reiki, gentle massage and some visualization/relaxation coaching. I have not had that awful pain again, just some occasional small twitches. She did wonders for me that other acupuncture and massage were not able to achieve. I will call on her again for sure!!”

Lorrie Streifel (Asheville):

“Cathy has been very helpful to me in learning ways to avert migraine. Her approach is sensitive and knowledgeable as well as compassionate.”

KR (Asheville):

“The guided meditation was glorious!  I slept deeply for another half hour afterwards and woke up refreshed and peaceful and light-filled. There was no doubt that healing was/is happening.  My heart thanks you immensely for this generous and skillful offering towards restoring my well-being.”

 Linda McCrea (Asheville):

“On learning that I would be experiencing full open heart surgery, Cathy has been and remains a vital resource to me in my intention to open my heart on all levels.  Participating in her six-week Connection Practice series helped me truly connect with my heart and increase my heart coherence with compassion for my own heart, mind, and emotions in safe space and company.

Cathy generously co-led a pre-surgery ‘Heartful Gathering’ of friends in a guided experience of heart coherence, which yielded individual and group support for my heart-healing intention.  In preparation for surgery, Cathy helped me create a guided meditation affirming and envisioning my successful surgery and full recovery – currently in process.  Since then, she has guided me in related heart coherence and insights related to my healing, for which I’m especially grateful – especially when the daily distractions (of medications, monitoring, reporting, and shifting levels of pain and heart rates…) blur my focus and intention.

Cathy’s rich experience and passionate commitment to her work is enhanced by her honest and non- judgmental presence, clear communication, and the safe container she provides for those who engage in her work. I ‘wholeheartedly’ recommend her!”

Monica R., M.D. (Berkeley, CA):

“In the guided visualization session I did with Cathy while I was in the hospital trying to pass gallstones, I was surprised to see in my mind’s eye a very old window that had been stuck shut for a long time. I worked to open it. As I saw the window opening, I felt a loosening in my body. Not long after that, the gallstones finally passed!”

FS, age 82 (San Francisco, CA):

“My doctors did not think I was a very good candidate for kidney surgery because of my age. With Cathy’s help I visualized exactly how I wanted my recovery to be, including giving my other kidney a pep talk, and seeing my steps to healing taking place. My wife got all our friends to send me love as my surgery was under way. Afterwards I healed so fast that the surgeon was really impressed and wanted to know how I did it!”

JN (Walnut Creek, CA):

“ I was unable to work because my Multiple Sclerosis had affected my vision so badly. With the help of biofeedback I became aware of the intense tension I held around my eyes, and learned to “soften” my gaze, the way I looked at the world. In our guided imagery sessions I met a guide who gave me so much help and support and didn’t judge me. The result was I got enough vision back to return to my job.”