About HeartMath

The Institute of HeartMath (see www.heartmath.org) created methods to help facilitate an immediate shift out of frustration or anxiety into a state of peace.

How can HeartMath coaching help you?

Do you remember a day when everything went smoothly and everything just “flowed,” when you felt on top of your game? You can learn to feel that way more of the time, with HeartMath skills.

  • Understand the sources of your stress and how you react
  • Gain a tool for releasing stress quickly and replenishing your energy
  • Move your heart, breathing, nervous system and brain into synchrony
  • Access the wisdom of your own heart for insights and decision making
  • Overcome insomnia, anxiety, and other stress-related disorders
  • Experience the power of gratitude
  • Improve your performance
  • Connect with others from the heart
  • Biofeedback of heart rhythms available if coaching in-person

Founded by Doc Lew Childre, author of The HeartMath Solution, the Institute has done an astonishing body of research showing how we can learn to self-regulate our minds, bodies, and emotions, through practicing heart-brain coherence–leading to improved relationships, health, and performance. For example, schoolchildren learning the technique had statistically significant decreases in test anxiety and correspondingly improved test scores.

Please watch this YouTube to see how it works.


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