Cathy Holt’s Credentials & Experience

lotus“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” – Rumi

 HeartMath Coach

In May 2016 I became certified by the Institute of HeartMath as a coach, assisting people to build their personal resilience through self-regulating as they face daily challenges. HeartMath is a system of science-based skills which help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance.

Nonviolent Communication:

I’ve been fortunate enough to take over 100 hours of workshops (including a 9-day International Intensive) with Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, author of Nonviolent Communication: A Language of the Heart. Also I have over 100 hours of other training including courses with Miki Kashtan, Jerry Donoghue, and Steve Torma. I began teaching “Assertive Communication” in 1995 in community colleges and hospitals. I’ve taught “Communication for Connection” classes at Holy Ground, UNCA, Jubilee, the Unitarian and Unity churches, Helpmate, the LEAF festival, and the Center for Holistic Medicine.  At Westwood CoHousing, I facilitated a communication practice group for over a year.

The Connection Practice (formerly BePeace):

After taking the 35-hour BePeace Foundations Course with Rita Marie Johnson at the University for Peace in Costa Rica, I became certified to teach BePeace to schoolchildren. In 2012-13, I taught an elective of “HeartSpeak” for 6th-8th graders at Francine Delaney New School for Children, and in 2014 I volunteer-taught two classes of 4th graders at Estes Elementary. In 2014 I completed my training with Rasur Foundation International and am now certified to teach teachers, to lead The Connection Practice for businesses, nonprofits, and churches, and to coach individuals.


Having trained at the Mediation Center of Asheville, 2005, I’ve performed mediations since then, including work with couples, business partners, homeschooling parents, parent and child, and teacher and child. I currently use a BePeace style of mediation which includes the use of Quick Coherence as well as feelings and needs. I also have been trained in Dynamic Governance.

Biofeedback and Guided Imagery:

After a year and a half of study at San Francisco State University, in 1987 I became certified by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America. I also studied at the Institute for Guided Imagery with Martin Rossman, MD. I was co-director of the Biofeedback & Family Therapy Institute in Berkeley and also saw clients at Unity Counseling Center between 1989-97; then I worked at the Spine, Hand, Arm Rehabilitation and Ergonomics Clinic and the METS clinic from 1997-2002. Clients received guidance in pain management, diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation training, self-awareness, cognitive restructuring, and ergonomics through biofeedback and imagery. After training with Peggy Huddleston, author of Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster, I taught guided imagery classes for patients preparing for surgery at the UCSF Cancer Resource Center in San Francisco. More recently, I worked at the Center for Holistic Medicine in 2012 and currently have a practice at 386 Kenilworth Road.

Counseling, case management:  

As Coordinator of Senior Services for the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville, I organized services and classes for low-income seniors and did case management (2007-09). I presently work part time as a “mentor” with teenage girls at Solstice East, a residential treatment facility in Weaverville; previously worked with troubled teens in Caring for Children, 2006. Also did individual counseling and led groups at Casa de la Vida, a psychiatric halfway house in Oakland, California for several years.

Stress Management Teaching:

From 1986-98, I taught Stress Management classes at Chabot Community College, Kaiser Hospital, Brookside Hospital, French Hospital, and Diablo Valley Community College in California.


The Circle of Healing: Deepening Our Connections with Self, Others, and Nature (Talking Birds Press, 2000)

Co-author with Erik Peper, Creating Wholeness: A Self-Healing Workbook Using Dynamic Relaxation, Thoughts and Images (Plenum, 1993) and Make Health Happen (Kendall/Hunt, 2003)

A Birth

When I stand up and speak, or in some act

Reveal myself, the living part of me,

Why does that self not bleed, or die in fact

Since it is thus revealed for all to see?

But those who witness are composed of dead

Expressions, make-up, gestures, and grimaces

Beneath which is the life, the life that fled

For fear, and hid itself from human faces.

But seeing me, when I had willingly

Laid bare my self, they felt within them rise

Their buried life, and answered gratefully

With joy of living contact in their eyes.

And is not love itself born of this sight:

One soul revealed, two in new life unite?

– Cathy Holt, 1963