heartRF  (Asheville):

“It’s possible that the mediation we did with Cathy Holt, saved our family…..We were at wits’ end, terrified of what was to come next for our family. Being pregnant and having a 2 year old added to the frustrations we were facing in our lives. Our inability to communicate our needs and feelings to each other without judgment or demands, had created a great rift between my partner and myself.

Cathy was generous with both her time and sharing her wisdom. We had a MAJOR breakthrough, simply because Cathy held the space, and guided us to really HEAR each other, and compassion naturally followed where before judgment and fear ensued. When she guided us into a heart-coherent space, I saw an image of ocean waves with little bubbles arising, that were little opportunities spread through the day to offer each other empathy. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to you Cathy. We now communicate with each other in a safe space, and we have empathy for each other where before there was judgment. Last weekend we went away for a vacation, and have rekindled our love and appreciation for each other. You have created a miracle for our family. Thank you Cathy!”

TT (Asheville, “Heartspeak” coaching client):

“I appreciate and acknowledge Cathy wholeheartedly for the care, concern, wisdom and love that she provides to so many people and the planet! In my case, her support and guidance helped me meet my need for improved communication between my daughter and me, and my daughter’s father and myself. She is a catalyst for transformation.”

Comments from participants in the Connection Practice

Kathy Austin:

“This course brought me valuable insights, from my own heart, that changed my relationship to myself and my family. The depth of learning from the heart goes way beyond what is possible using only the intellect. Powerful and transformative life-changing experience; feeling the authentic empathy allowed me to process and gain a great measure of peace regarding traumatic issues recently experienced. Thank you for creating safety and supporting this journey of the heart!”

Penny Bond:

“Great depth and intensity of connectedness happened in Part 3. A culmination of building a rich skill set… deep and meaningful work was accomplished within the individuals and the class group as a whole. The result: a profound feeling of connection was created as we opened our hearts with empathy and compassion for ourselves and each other. Beautiful process! So grateful to have encountered it.”

Andy Weatherly, M.Ed., teacher:

“Fundamentally transformative. I already am focused on gratitude as part of my spiritual practice…I learned I can use it for freeing from emotional reaction, to better connect with my heart and better learn to listen thereto. As a veteran teacher for 18 years myself, I appreciate the obvious depth of knowledge & experience that the course leader demonstrated.”

 Tess von Geczy, teacher of Nonviolent Communication:

“Extraordinarily wonderful! This is the missing piece I have been wanting/needing to supplement my experience of NVC and make it feel new again. It’s reinvigorated my passion for this work and given me new tools to work with on a daily basis to get to know myself and my own inner guide on a much more intimate level. Such a huge gift! Fulfilling beyond my wildest hopes & expectations. This is truly revolutionary in the sense of having the ability to change our world profoundly for the better…enrichment beyond what I thought possible to pack into a few days. My gratitude is boundless!”

 Michelle Smith, Social Profit Strategies & Circle Forward:

“I experienced support in the challenging process of replacing old patterns with new skills & gift of insight. Cathy is such a delightful, kind & skilled instructor. I appreciate her commitment to sharing connection with our community.”

Sarah Corley, Mediator:

“I have fully enjoyed taking this course… allows for lots of hand-on practice with other group members. The feelings of love and coherence were palpable. I would love to continue learning and sharing this practice.”

John Branchini:

“Loved it. I met very caring people that served to remind just how fragile and connected we truly are. Introduced me to new and valuable techniques to help me in my journey of healing.”

Gail Ashburn, teacher, singer:

“Through the Connection Practice, Cathy made me aware of my Heart in new and practical ways, very practical and simple, really.  I’m grateful.  Before her teaching, connecting with my heart wisdom was like trying to do carpentry without a hammer and saw.  Now I’m learning the tools to do the ‘work’.”

Educators & Guidance Counselor:

Renee Owen, Director, Rainbow Community School:

“We are so fortunate to have Cathy here in Asheville teaching these wonderful classes.”

Chris Corrall, Arts/Electives Coordinator, Francine Delany New School for Children:

“Cathy Holt taught her HeartSpeak class to our Middle school students through our Electives program. The class was very informative as well as heartwarming. Students were able to learn about peaceful, meaningful, as well as very tactful forms of communication.  They were also made aware that this peaceful form of communication extends beyond just interacting with their friends and class mates, it applies to time management as well as study skills.”

Terry Holt, Guidance Counselor, Estes Elementary School, Asheville:

“Cathy volunteered with two of our fourth grades at Estes Elementary for several months in 2013-14, teaching them HeartSpeak. The students were so enthusiastic to act out and guess each other’s feelings. They made their own sets of Feelings cards and began to learn how to give one another empathy. In each class, Cathy led the children in slow breathing, centering in their hearts with appreciation. This helped everyone to become calm. We used this strategy before End of Grade testing, and I believe it made a positive difference. I would recommend Cathy for her warmth and rapport with the classes.”

Kim Boss, Teacher, Estes Elementary School, Asheville:

“Having participated in a Non-Violent Communication practice group with Cathy for many weeks at Westwood Co-Housing, and later having seen her working with fourth graders at the school where I teach, I highly recommend Cathy’s “HeartSpeak” classes for any school.”

Teachers at Rainbow Community School, Asheville:

“Liked the role play of mediation.” “Loved working with heart coherence.” “Enjoyed sharing with partners and groups.” “Appreciated the clarification that needs are not in conflict but strategies may be.” “Minibook and graphics are really helpful.” “Focus on heart wisdom was valuable.”

Holistic Healing

Sherry Vaughn (Black Mountain):

“My spirit is nourished by your resonant open heart…Your visual imagery lifted me up to another plane of safety and comfort…My whole being flows lighter, easier. Thank you!”

KR (Asheville):

“The guided meditation was glorious!  I slept deeply for another half hour afterwards and woke up refreshed and peaceful and light-filled. There was no doubt that healing was/is happening.  My heart thanks you immensely for this generous and skillful offering towards restoring my well-being.”

 Linda McCrea (Asheville):

“On learning that I would be experiencing full open heart surgery, Cathy has been and remains a vital resource to me in my intention to open my heart on all levels.  Participating in her six-week Be Peace series helped me truly connect with my heart and increase my heart coherence with compassion for my own heart, mind, and emotions in safe space and company.

Cathy generously co-led a pre-surgery ‘Heartful Gathering’ of friends in a guided experience of heart coherence, which yielded individual and group support for my heart-healing intention.  In preparation for surgery, Cathy helped me create a guided meditation affirming and envisioning my successful surgery and full recovery – currently in process.  Since then, she has guided me in related heart coherence and insights related to my healing, for which I’m especially grateful – especially when the daily distractions (of medications, monitoring, reporting, and shifting levels of pain and heart rates…) blur my focus and intention.

Cathy’s rich experience and passionate commitment to her work is enhanced by her honest and non- judgmental presence, clear communication, and the safe container she provides for those who engage in her work. I ‘wholeheartedly’ recommend her!”

Monica R., M.D. (Berkeley, CA):

“In the guided visualization session I did with Cathy while I was in the hospital trying to pass gallstones, I was surprised to see in my mind’s eye a very old window that had been stuck shut for a long time. I worked to open it. As I saw the window opening, I felt a loosening in my body. Not long after that, the gallstones finally passed!”

FS, age 82 (San Francisco, CA):

“My doctors did not think I was a very good candidate for kidney surgery because of my age. With Cathy’s help I visualized exactly how I wanted my recovery to be, including giving my other kidney a pep talk, and seeing my steps to healing taking place. My wife got all our friends to send me love as my surgery was under way. Afterwards I healed so fast that the surgeon was really impressed and wanted to know how I did it!”

JN (Walnut Creek, CA):

“ I was unable to work because my Multiple Sclerosis had affected my vision so badly. With the help of biofeedback I became aware of the intense tension I held around my eyes, and learned to “soften” my gaze, the way I looked at the world. In our guided imagery sessions I met a guide who gave me so much help and support and didn’t judge me. The result was I got enough vision back to return to my job.”

HeartSpeak and other class participants

Jane B. (Asheville):

“I enjoyed very much the atmosphere of respect and inquiry that you facilitated so quickly among people who were mostly strangers to each other. I could feel a strong, nurturing bond after only 3 classes. I appreciated the role plays and experiential processes. We were alert and interested even after a long day at work, because you kept it alive for us.”

Katherine Dreyer (Asheville):

“Cathy teaches a fabulous class that can help transform your view of kindness, feelings, and how to communicate compassionately.”

Barbara Smith (Asheville):

“Cathy really knows her material, is generous and skilled.”

Male School Teacher (Asheville):

“Excellent resources for teachers to use in classroom management.”

Kathy A. (Asheville)

“Thanks for your healing class. It’s been a great class, and you are a gifted teacher. I had been wanting to learn about the healing modalities you presented so it was perfect for me. And the spirit in which you presented was lovely.”

Circle of Healing cover

About The Circle of Healing by Cathy Holt

Martin Rossman, M.D., Author of Healing Yourself: A Step-by-Step Program for Better Health through Imagery, and director of the Academy of Guided Imagery where Cathy studied:

“If you wish to heal your body, mind, and spirit, The Circle of Healing is a valuable guide. Bringing a wealth of personal and professional experience as a biofeedback therapist and holistic health educator, . . (her) exercises help you access your inner and outer resources for healing.”

Joanna Macy, author of Coming Back to Life and Buddhist teacher:

“For all who would reclaim the wholeness of our world and of our selves, Cathy Holt is a trustworthy guide.”