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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi


May 27, 2017, 9:30-12:30

Unitarian Universalist Church, Greenville, SC

Contact Cathy to register.

a The Connection Practice – 3 hour highly experiential short course

The Connection Practice unites empathy and insight to maximize social and emotional intelligence, building resilience and enhancing performance.


Maximize your social and emotional intelligence.

Connect with the beauty and insights of your own heart.

Reduce stress, develop greater self-confidence.

Gain skills for deeper levels of empathic connection.

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June 6 and 13, 7-9pm, Jubilee Community

“Avoiding Burnout: Self-care, Collaboration and Communication Skills for Activists”

Do you often put yourself last, even when you’re badly in need of a re-charge?

Activists need resilience skills for self-care. These include noticing what drains our energy and what replenishes it; saying no; compassionately inquiring into our emotions; asking for help, and delegating tasks. Collaboration means knowing your allies, listening, and working effectively with them. To cultivate our connections, we need the skill of communicating empathy to others. Even when we are approaching an “opponent,” we will accomplish more when we can guess that person’s feelings and needs. Cathy brings holistic health skills, HeartMath coaching, nonviolent communication, and fifty years as an activist.

Contact Cathy to register for either or both classes. Registration strongly encouraged; love offering.

HeartSpeak classes for adultslotus2

HeartSpeak allows you to create the quality of connection that allows everyone’s needs to be met.

You’ll learn to:

  • Empower yourself with the language of choice
  • Recognize your feelings and needs, and give yourself empathy
  • Listen for the unmet needs behind every hard-to-hear message
  • Observe and challenge judgmental thoughts
  • Express your truth, even anger, without blame or judgment
  • Tap the power of appreciation

Includes HeartSpeak minibook. Class size is limited to 6 for an intimate group with individual attention.



Individual coaching in HeartSpeak or The Connection Practice can be done in person or by telephone. Whatever the relationship problem, heart-centered communication can help!



scan0002HeartSpeak for Parents & Kids

Family life flows easier when everyone speaks the language of feelings and needs.

HeartSpeak for Kids

HeartSpeak for Kids includes improvisation, skits, art, music, and games to help kids learn the language of feelings and needs. Previously offered at Francine Delany New School for Children, currently at Estes Elementary. To discuss having a HeartSpeak class at your child’s  school, please contact Cathy Holt.


HeartSpeak brings a compassionate and empathic dimension to help people in conflict to understand one another’s feelings and needs, and move toward resolution.

Holistic Health

Biofeedback, Guided Imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique, Preparation for Surgery, and more.

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