Coaching in HeartMath Skills for Personal Resilience

“Every life has its challenge. Every heart has an answer.” – Institute of HeartMath

How can it help me?

  • uncover hidden energy-drains
  • decrease stress
  • improve sleep
  • enhance performance
  • “re-charge” your inner batteries
  • shift rapidly out of anxiety or anger and enter a peaceful emotional state
  • solve problems by accessing your best intuitive wisdom
  • deepen your listening abilities

HeartMath is a system of science-based skills which help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance.

HeartSpeak Coaching Package: 6 sessions

Includes a self-assessment questionnaire, one-hour coaching visit or call per week, a HeartMath handbook, a HeartSpeak minibook,  emails, weekly rapid-growth assignment, and more! Sliding scale, $50-$90 per week for the package of 6. (Those who can afford more, allow me to serve more people at the lower end of the scale.)

What’s Included:

In six sessions you will learn these key techniques:

Heart-Focused Breathing – the key to relaxing your nervous system

Quick Coherence – can be done anytime, anywhere to restore balance

Inner Ease – anchor and maintain a positive emotional state

Freeze-Frame – access intuitive insight for any problem, challenge, or decision

Coherent Communication – listen & reflect back the essence, to improve understanding and relationships

Learning from your heart rhythms

If sessions are done in person, you’ll be able to see and influence your own heart rhythm patterns, using biofeedback, to optimize your alignment. Sessions can also be done by phone or Skype.

Free “Get Acquainted” first phone call.

Get a group of friends together for coaching…get discounts!

Contact Cathy to inquire about a discounted group rate for coaching. I can coach up to 6 people in a group. Ideal for business setting, clinic, hospital, etc.



 The Connection Practice Coaching Package: 4 weeks

Includes a weekly personal hour-long session, biofeedback for learning heart-brain coherence, a manual, your own set of Feelings & Needs cards, emails, and home practices. Based on the work of Rita Marie Johnson.

Cost: Sliding fee scale, $50-$90 per hour for package of 4 weeks. (Those who give more allow me to see more people at the lower end of the scale.)

What you will expect to gain:

  • Gain fluency in feelings and needs through work with cards
  • Learn heart-brain coherence with biofeedback
  • Develop experience with accessing heart insights
  • Receive guidance on difficult communication issues
  • Skills in self-empathy, empathy for other, heart insight, honesty, and request

Free “Get Acquainted” first phone call.

Learn the Connection Practice from a master!

Recorded webinar series with founder, Rita Marie Johnson

To sign up, please see

Bundled pricing for all three self-study courses (15 webinars): $240 – click here

For the past 12 years, the Connection Practice courses – Parts 1, 2, and 3 – have been offered as “in-person” courses held at an assortment of venues over a period of two or more consecutive days often requiring the assumption of travel and housing costs. Now, we are offering the same life-changing course via the Internet. The Part 1 course was held from September 14 through October 12, 2017. For those who were not able to attend these live webinars, we are now making this course available in five recorded modules of 90 minutes each for self-study, at a cost of only US$85. You will also receive the course manual as a PDF.

To enhance your learning, consider having Cathy be your coach!