“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.                            I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi

couple talking (1)Communication Skills

Many people I encounter struggle with communication challenges and relationship issues at home, at work, or in their neighborhoods.

By learning to listen empathically and reflect back the other person’s feelings and needs, rather than hearing their judgments or criticisms, we can create more understanding and peace. By learning to express our own feelings and needs, without blame or demands, we keep the communication channels open. Nothing shuts off communication quicker than blame and judgment! Feelings and needs are universal and allow us to connect at the heart level, so that everyone’s needs can be met. In my experience, even the most angry teenager can express herself using feelings and needs when given these tools.

HeartSpeak offers classes for adults or children, mediations, practice groups, and individual coaching based on the methods taught by Marshall Rosenberg (Non-Violent Communication) and Rita Marie Johnson (BePeace).

Telephone coaching

We all need help at times with a communication challenge, and we have “blind spots” especially with family members where there are old patterns at work. In a 30 or 60 minute confidential telephone call, you will receive gentle guidance in creating conversations that offer empathy to the other person and avoid triggering words that imply any fault or judgment. First session is always half price: 30 minutes for just $15.

HeartSpeak for Kids!

For any school that requests it, I will offer a free HeartSpeak class for grades 3 and up.

 Want a HeartSpeak class for your organization?

Four group classes plus private individual coaching session and handy, 24-page minibook.  Want more connection, less conflict? In this highly interactive, experiential class, students will learn and practice:

* the language of feelings and needs

* giving and receiving empathy

* centering in the compassionate heart with “quick coherence”

* what to do when angry or upset

Please contact cathyfholt@gmail.com, or 828-545-9681.

 BePeace Practice Groups

Do you have a few friends wanting more practice in communication? BePeace is a 2-hour group that meets weekly for 6 weeks and provides a supportive environment for learning  “BePeace” –  a synergistic skill set that combines coherence and connection to build social and emotional intelligence. Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation.  Connection occurs through naming our feelings and needs, and guessing those of others, with empathy. This combination allows us to access our natural wisdom and compassion, which efficiently shifts us from stress to peace. Confidentiality is honored and a space of deep respect is created in the group meetings.

Everyone will receive a Manual from Rasur Foundation International. During the first couple of meetings, each person will have an opportunity to learn and practice the “Quick Coherence Technique” using a computerized biofeedback program from the Institute for HeartMath. At each meeting, we will practice the Quick Coherence Technique. Other processes that will be used: Feelings and Needs Cards, Empathy Circle, Heart Insight, and BePeace Practice with a Partner.

Cost for 6 weeks: $35 donation to Rasur Foundation International, which brings BePeace to schools, plus suggested $30 donation to group leader.  See www.rasurinternational.org  or call 828-545-9681 for more information.

Holistic Healing: Listening Within

Do you want to learn deep relaxation, stress management, or to understand the message behind a symptom? People with insomnia, panic attacks, asthma, TMJ, high blood pressure, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other stress-related disorders have benefited from Biofeedback and Guided Imagery.  EMG  (muscle feedback) is like a mirror revealing tension patterns which I can help you to release. Heart rate variability feedback helps you achieve coherence of heart, breath, and emotions, giving you a quick method for releasing stress. Guided imagery lets you access your own body’s inner wisdom, such as understanding why you have headaches and how to prevent them. Preparation for Surgery uses deep relaxation, combined with your own images of desired outcomes from surgery, to decrease your anxiety and pain, and heal much faster.

For questions or a free consultation, please call Cathy at 828-545-9681.

Office location: 386 Kenilworth Road (at Digges).